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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to provide you an update regarding Dermablend and Covermark products. I recently visited Ulta Beauty which are salons that sell cosmetic products. The sales lady was very helpful and provided me with suggestions to cover my Nevus of Ota. Her recommendations were to use Dermablend Tatto and Leg body primer. It goes on really well and covers really well. She also suggested that I buy a concealer and powder brush to even the make up out. I also bought some other powder that goes really well with the type of skin that I have. With the help of my wife I have been applying it for the past week and people cannot tell that I am wearing make up. It took me a while to accept the fact that I have to wear makeup because I am a guy but if women do it to better themselves then why can't men? I feel more confident now but I will still be visiting Dr. Nelson from the Laser Institute to find out if this can be permanently removed.
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