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Originally Posted by RowdyBliss View Post
Hey gang! Been a while since I posted. A lot has happened.

First off - I'm getting married in June, to the guy I've been seeing for the past three years. Yay!

But this brings me, in a roundabout way, to my next point...

Just this past Monday, I went to my obgyn for my regular annual internal exam. Passed that with flying colors (good), but my doctor told me that she was no longer comfortable giving me hormonal birth control. She said that my PWS - which has darkened and become quite varicose since she last saw me (doctors who see us patients with huge PWSs seldom forget us!) - creates too much of a risk for clots in conjunction with hormonal birth control. I have been on some form of hormones for BC - pills, patch, and now Nuvaring - for 18+ years - and actually smoked during some of those years. I think I've been dodging a big, BIG bullet!!

Having to go off the hormones is okay news, really, because DFH and I are not planning on having children (at least not naturally - adoption is a very real possibility), so I'm going to go off the hormones and opt for sterilization.

But I'm still turning the whole clot thing around in my head... does anyone else know anything about hormones - either therapeutic or for birth control purposes - and its contraindications for folks with vascular abnormalities like PWSs? I seem to remember a story (maybe I read it here?) about someone whose affected leg was absolutely riddled with clots as the result of her pregnancy and the hormones that created, but when I did some poking around online, there wasn't much to read about it at that point.

Just curious to hear stories/anecdotes, as this seems to be a rather new standard.
Yay, congrats!! Your story is very similar to mine. I'm getting married as well this summer(been with him the last 3 years) and can't use hormonal birth control, although for a different reason(have a Lymphatic malformation and it causes pain/makes it swell up). Lately I have been looking into a good birth control to use and will be seeing my doctor to talk about getting the IUD, which may work for me(hopefully, crossing fingers). The hormonal one is progesterone only, which doesn't seem to cause as many issues and there is also the copper IUD(non-hormonal) which may also work well. I haven't tried it yet, but hope that may be the answer for me to use.

There are more complications for people with birthmarks in regards to the use of hormonal contraception. Hormones effect multiple systems in the human body and there is an increased risk for blood clots if there is an abnormality in the cardiovascular system(body is more sensitive). Although, if you haven't had a blood clot over the many years you have used hormonal birth control, I would assume you are good and won't have issues, as long as you don't continue use. I do think it is better to be safe than sorry, so I wouldn't risk it with using hormonal birth control.
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