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Hi Sarah Beth - We had a son in mid-May that had a Hemangioma on his face around the eye. We saw Dr. Fernandez at Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio (I know, it is far from Texas) and they put our son on proponanol, which is a beta blocker that also attacks the Hemangioma. We just got back from 5 days at the hospital as they run a variety of tests to make sure the baby can take the drug. For santity sake, we got 2 other opinions, one at Dayton and Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and they both gave the same treatment plan. We are only on day 4 of the medicine, and we have noticed a big change already. Here is a link with the progression of it.

The MRI does check for the PHACES syndrome. Luckily, our tests of the heart and the brain via the MRI ruled that out.
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