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Question Please...need advice please for son's lip hemangioma

Good evening!
My son, Cameron, is 5 weeks old. He was born without a noticeable lesion on his lip, but within a few days we saw what we thought was an irritation under his left nostril. Within a week or so, it had spread down to his lip. We thought maybe it was part of his newborn acne....but when the acne went away the rednes from his nostril to his lip remained. So, we knew it was probably a birthmark.
When we went to his doc she told us it was a hemangioma, that it would go away on it's own, and we should just keep an eye on it to watch it's growth.
I'm not sure I'm happy with that...I'm concerned because it affects his lip and from what I've been researching those can become very complicated with ulcerations, disfigurement, trouble eating, etc. His appears superficial on the surface...but it is also on the underside of his lip in the red flesshy part, up to the gumline. But not on the palate, inner cheek, etc. Just the lip. That's the area I'm concerned with since it is constantly irritated by the bottle nipple.
Anyway, I'm attaching pics of what it looks like 5 weeks. Again, it was not there at birth and became visible within a week or so. It is redder now than it was.

So, I'm wondering....I live in Newark, DE. What are suggestions for us as far as where we can take him for aggressive treatment? I don't want to wait for it to enlarge and possibly ulcerate. I know that always leaves a scar.
I've been seeing positive results from Propanolol? And what about the topical gel Timilol? I would love to go that route since there seems to be positive results with little invasiveness. Any suggestions for us?

Thanks so much....We really want to have him evaluated/treated ASAP.
BTW= This forum is awesome!!! What peace of mind it provides!!
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