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Default Please help me with my 8 year old daughter

I am asking for advice for my eight year old daughter. She has a PWS on one cheek under her eye and became tearful tonight telling me that she's afraid people are teasing her at school.
Here is some back story: I adopted her when she was 18 months. I waited to start laser treatments after talking to our dermatologist about it. I didn't feel comfortable putting a baby through anything traumatic after all she had already been through in her life. The dermatologist, pediatrician, both agreed with me. The idea of general anesthesia seemed ridiculous (in MY opinion) to risk for such a small birthmark. At the age of 4 or 5, she had her 1st laser treatment without any complications. At the second laser treatment, she screamed bloody murder she was so terrified. We both left the doctor's office in tears. I felt like I has just tortured my kid. After finally talking her into going back,(when she told me it didn't really hurt, she was just scared), we made it through the 3rd laser treatment several months later, only to have her come home in tears from being terribly embarrassed by the spotted bruising left behind by the laser. It was at that point she said she was done and didn't want the treatments anymore. I told her I love her and her birthmark, and I was just fine with that.
About a year later she asked about wearing makeup. We bought some Dermablend, but being a very active kid it would easily wipe away, she was tired of questions(again) about the makeup, so stopped wearing it. I asked if she wanted to do the laser treatments again, or even just talk to the dermatologist about options, and she said she didn't want a blank face, which made us both giggle. I told her she is beautiful with or without the birthmark (she truly is a beautiful child inside and out), and that I love her whatever she decides to do.
Now it seems to have come to the surface again for her to open up and tell me this. I know it is always there for her, but she is a strong, outgoing little girl, so I think she keeps a lot of her worries to herself. I don't know what to do. I don't even see her birthmark anymore, so it would be just fine with me if she decided she wanted no treatments. I just hate to see her in so much pain. I'm terrified of what she is going to go through as she gets older, like in junior high. For those with birthmarks, am I doing the right thing?? Can you offer any advice on what to tell her? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer. Sloan
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