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Hi, my daughter was a quick delivery with a "flat bruise" on her forearm, wrist, and thumb area (almost like she has a wrist guard on) that began to darken in color and raise by the age of 2 weeks old. After finally getting a consult with a ped dermatologist we started our daughter on Propranolol when she was 9 weeks old. Her hemangioma was growing rapidly and beginning to ulcerate by 8 weeks old. I am a nurse and was scared to death to start her on it after I read all the side effects. She'll be 4 months old tomorrow and all I can say is wow what a difference 2 months on the drug makes! Her ulcerations did continue to worsen even as her hemangioma was shrinking, but after repeat visits with the ped dermatologist we finally figured out a plan and got them under control. I'm happy to say that as of today the ulcerations are totally healed! As far as the propranolol goes, we have had zero side effects. She's happy and growing and her hemangioma is getting better and better. I did notice this week that it seems to have regained a little more color and puffiness, but I feel confident it's just time to increase her dose since she's gained close to 3 lbs since she was first put on it. Good luck with your decisions, but I can't say enough positive things about our experience with propranolol so far!

Just now saw your update and slideshow above... glad things are going well. He is adorable!

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