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Thanks so much for the responses! Missy, I did send my pics to that email address, if they did not go through please let me know.
Shannon! Thanks soooo much for your input. It was so good to leaf through the pics and see the ultimate outcome. I'm hoping to even prevent any ulceration, like you said, by intervening early. I really hope that someone can suggest a doc in the Baltimore or Philly area for us. I think I will send a message to Dr. Levitin once my pics are available for him to view. I found a couple of Pediatric derm's at AI Dupont hospital....but I hesitate to go to anyone who doesn't have specific experience dealing with these lesions. I already have had him at our Pediatrician and an adult dermatologist with the same "wait and see" philosophy. Like you said, I think this is the hard part...nailing down the appropriate clinician and treatment.
Again, thank you and I have a FB page too! I requested you as a friend....

I will keep you posted, and hopefully my pics will be up soon so that you can check them out and let me know what you think!
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