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your welcome. others will post also with their advice.

Soccer is great. Its about team building, communication PWS was too severe so i never really played sports incase of injury. I never had fights from teasing either but like i said before, thats just me. I couldn't afford to get injured in a fight. Its problarly what kept me straight in school growing up otherwise i would of been a pretty bad kid in school if i did not understand the consquences.

I have had people literally jump out the way, adults kids alike. well that suits me. but it can be a pain when traffic stops/slows to look at me but i usually use the opportunity to cross the road if its slow enough

kids and adults are terrible, but thats just my experience. I think all individuals have their own unique problems. trick is just to find a way to handle it. I have gotten close to hitting people. aggressive all up in my face is violation of my precious personal space.

so your not the only one who wants to smack people LOL
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