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Thanks everyone, Nolan is doing great and seems to be healing up well!
Katie G Dr. Yazdani from London, Ontario Sick Kids Hospital did it. It still has the train track look but I'm really hoping that will heal up with time. We have our check up on July 12th so we'll see what the Doc has to say about how it's healing.
Smilo143 we were faced with the same decision as you when Nolan was also 8 months old. We almost went through with the propranolol treatment until we did the vbf live chat. We spoke with Dr. Warner and he strongly felt that the propranolol treatments would be a waste of time because Nolan's H had already grown so large he would still need surgery in the future. We were very relieved not to have to do the treatments, however surgery was still a little nerve racking but we feel was the right decision. Best of luck on your journey!
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