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Lee New Zealand
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Originally Posted by Lee New Zealand
Hi everyone, Lee here all the way from New Zealand. Well I have pws on whole of right leg, some say I have KS. some say birthmark, maybe I have a bit of everything. I have had numerous lazer treatment, different machines, with no change. My right leg has grown considerably larger than my left leg, I have had 3 operations to retard the growth of the right leg. Wore a built up shoe (2cm) to school. My spine is crooked.My shoe sizes are different, in winter my leg goes blue, purple and cramps up terribly. In summer I suffer from thrombosis. I am now 36 years young (37 in 14 days...) and because of my own insecurities still single.. However I never gave up hope, that one day I would be able to go to the beach, wear open shoes etc. I am off to Wellington to see Dr Swee Tan he is a specialist. So everyone, have hope for me, and if anyone needs information please email me I will be more than happy to share with all of you...any experiences with you.
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