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I do apologize for not contacting you sooner . Yes our daughter is doing much better now . We had another surgery a few weeks later to fix the issue where her lip had reopened . I had contacted a few different doctors in regards to the issue . All the doctors kept saying that Low is a true pioneer in the field and he has a very concertive way of doing things . So with that we had him redo the surgery ASAP . Her lipped amazing compared to what it looked like before and after the surgery . She has a full lip now very little puffiness but still has some red blotchy areas. We are going back to him in October or November for laser treatment to help flatten out the area and get rid of the red discoloration.

That time we went thought though after her surgery had to be one of the hardest times we had ever gone through . I had to literally pull my daughters lip together and put support tape on it to hold her lip together just so she could eat . Poor girl couldn't drink with out fluid leaking out of her mouth , she constantly drooled , etc .........

Thank god she's much better now , I will post pictures this evening .
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