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Hi I'm Irish, Caucasian, 35 years old and stumbled upon this website. Cant believe there are actualy other people with the same thing as me! i have been asked numerous time 'what happened your eye?'did you get a black eye?' mine covers the white of my right eye, skin below the eye, above it and on the temple. Just like someone else on this forum described it. I only found out the name of it last year! when i was a child, my mother used to bring me to an ophthalmologist every year to keep..excuse the eye on it.

Yes i am conscious of it and would like to get rid of it..hence my searching on the net. But the weird thing is some people dont notice it..i was never once bullied about it in school. Every day i wear make up to hide skin part but of course there is not much can be done for the actual eye... Anyhow its never affected my life to be honest. i have been successful in my professional life .

i'm single at 35 but i cant blame the birthmark!!!

but for sure it has affected my confidence with opposite sex.To be honest..not one guy i have dated noticed it until i pointed it out! One said 'are you a freak or are you unique?' We both laughed and went out for ages afterwards. Anyhow im going to keep getting the black eye comments but i was hoping there might be a white contact lens on the market that covers the white of the eye. I meet clients everyday at work and i sometimes can see them looking at the eye. Thanks for the recommendation of dermablend and the posts from people who have tried laser therapy. Very helpful. I use a concealer white is excellent and i am going to start experimenting with eye make up. As someone else said on a previous posts ' im not a make up girl'. This describes me but it does work wonders! I live in Ireland so travel and money are obviously a big issue for me to see Dr Neilson. Presently i have other health problems i need to sort first before i can attend to the nevus of Ota. But i am so grateful for everyone sharing their stories. I have relatives in the U.S so i could combine a holiday and doctor visit if affordable of course, best wishes, marion

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