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Originally Posted by hana1st View Post
My 6 week old son has a rapidly growing Hemangioma under his left eye which is currently the size of a dime. It wasn't there at birth and started to develop a week after. I went to my family doctor and a pediatrician and both have told me to just wait it out as it isn't affecting him. Although I can appreciate this method I would like other options available .

I have an appt with a ped/derm who specializes in Hemangioma in a few weeks and don't want to be turned away again. Is there any way I can ask for treatment and not be turned down?

Attached is a photo taken today
Hi Hana1st - We have a son with a large hemangioma under his eye. See some pictures here We started propranolol about a month ago, and we have already seen considerable difference. We had 3 opinions and they all suggested the same treatment plan. Not to scare you, but the sooner the better to get him into see a specialist. This is my facebook profile. Please send me a message if you want to chat more and see more pictures of his hemangioma after propranolol. He has had no side treatments and the progress has been amazing!
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