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Thank you both for your replies.

His appointment is scheduled for August 9 with the specialist. I hear she prefers the wait and see approach. He has 2 other hemangiomas, one on his shoulder and knee and those two I don't mind waiting and monitoring. However the one under his eye is concerning and I cannot just sit around with that one.

Will the doctor be able to just refuse treatment such as propranolol or timolol ?

I have an appointment before this with my family doctor should I ask for timolol gel and use this while I wait for the other appointment or just wait? As mentioned not to wait too long with out treatment.

Brownio, your son is beautiful. The treatment thus far has worked well?

Missy, I live in Toronto Ontario Canada, Do you know of any physicians here that would be willing to treat him if his appointment doesn't go well? This is who I am seeing on August 9th

Dr. Elena Pope
Head, Section of Dermatology
Division of Pediatrics
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Canada

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