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Default Painful birthmark related fever

Hi all!

I hope someone here can help me to perhaps manage the symptoms of what I've got.

I have had a large birthmark on the back of my left leg all my life. It covers most of the back of my leg from my waistline to just above my left knee. The birthmark has never been any trouble at all until the last few years when the following symptoms started appearing.

I notice stiffness and then pain in my hip joint. About the same time my birth mark becomes very painful to touch and is swollen. Not long after that I get a really bad headache that lasts for days, feel dizzy and basically have to go to bed and rest for 2-3 days. The swelling will usually spread all over my leg. The skin is itchy and painful, my hip is locked up and I cannot stand. My heart rate goes through the roof (90-140 bpm+) and I just sweat and shiver in bed and get no sleep for 3-4 days. Typically it takes me up to a week before I feel like I'm back to normal.

This used to be a once a year thing but this year it has become nearly every 5-6 weeks!

The pain and discomfort is now really knocking the stuffing out of me and my business is suffering because I'm bed bound for half the week sometimes.

I've been to the doctors several times but they are not interested! Usually because it takes 2-3 weeks before they will see me. By then I'm recovered! They took blood last time but nothing showed up

Does anybody know what I might have and how I can manage it?


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