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Hi, I'm from TX and went to NY specifically for Microskin. I have a PWS on my right hand, arm and chest. Works great on my chest, but not so great on my hand. It's expensive at $200 for a 4 oz. bottle, plus the equipment if you don't already have an airbrush machine. If you can get over to a Temptu rep in your area for color matching, i believe the Temptu Dura or Aqua makeup provides just as good as coverage as the Microskin. It's true the hand/finger section looks like dead hand, so i just use it on my chest. I believe Temptu runs around $45 for 2 oz. Powder is $10, compared to Mircroskin at $100. Great thing about Microskin is that they do a perfect match, but I've never gone to a Temptu counter - only ordered via online and tried to color match myself, so I can't comment on Temptu's match. Good luck. Hope this helps.
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