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Default Re:Preparing daughter for laser treatments

The eye should be protected with a lense if the laser is anywhere near it! My son's lid is lasered every 8 weeks...and they use a protective contact lense.

Also, I am very sorry to hear that the laser tx is done while she is awake. Very much my dismiss it if you wish...but sedation is so much easier on the babies/children. Laser hurts! And it is very critical to not have them move....especially by the eye. They put my son to sleep with a mask...very light anethesia. He even wakes up as soon as they are finished with the laser. I know that anethiesia is a risk...its worth asking about though. It is a very light dose of anethesia. Not like IV.... (contact Linda Shannon or the "ask a nurse" if you have more q's about this subject.

As far as telling a 4 year old. It reminds me of how I approached my 5 year old son (not the one with the h.) before we went for his shots. I told him what we were going to go do...and that it will hurt...but it will protect him from things that are much worse. I told him how sick the "germs" could make him if he did not have the shots. It would be quick and the ouch would only last for a quick second. I told him he needed to be brave...and we would go get icecream afterwards (even if he lost it). I waited to tell him this right before we left so he didnt have too much time to worry. As far as your daughter...she is a bit younger...hummmmmm...she might understand though. As far as her thinking something is wrong with her...I think explaining that it is best to have this removed so it doesn't get worse. Ohhh...isn't this the hardest thing...we struggle with so much "WHAT SHOULD I DO" when we only want the best for our children.

Good luck.

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