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I am mom of 20 month old girl in Croatia. She has born with birthmark PWS on her right leg, lower lip,tounge and forehead. Her right leg is thinner and shorter and has varicose veins. We Controlled by the children's surgeons, orthopedists, physiatrists and neuropediatrician. We will go on the laser in later age when we no longer need full anesthesia said by doctor. I read that the laser should be done as soon as possible when the skin is still young. I'm confused.
Neuropediatrician sent as to an otolaryngologist, a cardiologist, dermatologist, vascular surgeon and the MRI. Soon we will do it and we will know much more.

Amazing, her leg look almost the same as your daughter! Recently, I saw another girl in my country with almost the same PWS on the leg!

I apologize my english isn't good
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