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Originally Posted by Myliitlepuddin View Post
Inspiring story for any adult or child suffering with a Birthmark. As a parent I agonise over making the right decisions for my daughter who has microcystic lymphangioma. I can not decide on whether to go ahead with treatments for her or whether i should leave it and allow her to make her own decision when she is old enough. As a mother i want to protect her and i feel like my heart is being ripped out when anyone says anything about her lip. Im really struggleing with deciding this. If treatment was available to you as a child would you have wanted your parents to go ahead with this for you or would you have wanted to make this decision yourself. My daughter is 3 years old, she is just starting to realise her lip is a bit different now. She really is a beautiful little girl.
I would go ahead and get the treatment while she is young. If she can avoid being stared at, or you can mitigate any of the problems that happen as you age with it, I would go ahead and treat it.

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