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Smile Im so glad I found this site!

I was born with an "Angel kiss" or stork bite on my forehead and down my cheek. I've always had self esteem issues with it, I feel kind of crazy because there are so many people that have it worse than me. I have always had bangs to cover most of it, there was a point a few years back when I didn't have bangs but I covered it with makeup. I constantly feel the need to make sure that my bangs are covering it. I've been teased about it quite a bit mostly during middle school(when I didn't have bangs) and right now being in my senior year of HS I'm still very self conscience about it, and only my family and close friends know I have it. I wish I could have just an ounce of confidence you guys on here have. I may get lazer treatment later this year, do you guys have any positive experience with using laser treatment? The dermatoligist sp? Said that he would have to use a low grade laser, because the birthmark is in such a sensitive area ( it starts at my cheek, kinda rosecha looking, then it goes up in between my eyebrows and straight up. ) the best description I can give on the coloring, it looks like I hit my head on something, or slept on my forehead. They also said that they will have to put sleep. Is this common?or should I seek a 2nd opinion. The dermatoligist is a pediactric plastic surgeon, the only one in my state. It feels so good to talk to you guys, it feels like a weight lifted off of my chest... Ps. Do you guys have any tips on how to become more self confident? Thank you guys so much.
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