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Default Hi Tiggertoo

My name is javier Alecksky I am 36 yeas old and I have a birthmark that covers the 80% of my face is a pws,

I read your post and I used to feel the same way and I have to deal with it every single day,

there was a point in my life that I said, F%$^% everyone, I want to live and I want to live happy, if they don;t like the way I look, that's their problem,

I have never used make up, I don;t know if I want to,

I can tell you that I am a very hapy person, I work hard everyday to feel that way, and I have found someone that loves me just the way I am,

this is my mail if you would like to keep in touch I would like to be in contact.

hugs Javier A.
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