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Default Deep hemagioma on ultrasound

Hello, we had a blue pea size mass behind the earlobe..I am not sure when it grew , but it's been the same size for 6 months and when I went to 2 doctors they said first it was a hematoma, then it was some "like a cyst filled with blood"
Now, our doctor sent us to ENT and they wanted to do ultrasound, which we did and they said it's a lymph node. First of all right nehind the earlobe (where people usually wear earrings) is a weird place and second, how could that be blue? So, we went back to our regular doctor and he said he is pretty sure it's a deep heamgioma or vessel malformation and he said that you can see it's clearly under the thin skin and it moves, etc... My question is... can deep heamagioma look like a lymph node? It's clearly a pea size filled with blood pocket...Doc said lymph node doesn't look like that.
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