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Default My body

My Hairy Nevus goes from the top of my knees on both legs and goes half way up my back and round my stomach. It is the trunk style, just goes down to my knees on both legs, back and front. It has all been removed. Like everyone, growing up is not so easy. You are either in and out of hospital, getting teased at school (monkey) or just trying to keep it covered up. I had my first op at 18 months old. I had my last one done at 27 years old. For some reason they decided to stop at my right hip and had done eveything else around. I opted to get this patch finished off and get rid of the hair and skin colour etc. What a nightmare that was. It is done now . I have had approx 18 operations in total. I have had about 7 hits of lazer surgery to deal with skin pigmentation. Gave up on that....
Grew up never having a girlfriend. Who the hell wants to be seen with this...
I now ski in the winter and ride a motorcycle in the summer. Always covered up and no one gets to see it. Full motorcyle leathers and winter ski gear sees to that. Mind you, I never want another skin graft hence the leathers.
I still have horror images of the pain I had to go through. The last one did not help. I see a Dr once a year. Have the odd polyp removed now and then, the odd mole here and there. I even take my own stitches out now. Nurses just hurt you.
I get on with it and it is part of me. I don't like it, but what can I do. Can't chopped the bloody thing off LOL.
Nice to find this site..... I thought I was special and there are all you guys out there. Thanks for stealing my limelight
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