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Default plastic surgeon vs. dermatologist for eye heman and experience at Sillicon Valley


So glad I found this place following links from baby center.

3 months ago I found a nodule inside my 2-year-old daughter's left upper eye-lid. We went to two ophthalmologists. Both said it was a chalazion and asked us to wait and see. The bump grew from a pea size to a peanut size during this time and we can see tiny blood vessels at the surface.I took her to one of the ophthalmologists again and pointed out the blood vessels. Now she believes it is a hemengioma. I blame myself for not following up with doctors as frequently as I should. Did I miss the best window?

The ophthalmologists referred us to a ophthalmic plastic surgeon and told us most likely my daughter will get a shot of steroid before we consider surgical removal. I am not sure whether we should see a dermatologist too so he/she has more experience with hemangioma and can provide more treatment options. I am in particular interested in propranolol, which I have heard so many good word while many doctors don't offer it.

Can someone share some experience of seeing these two types of specialists?

Does someone have experience being treated in sillicon valley with proprannolol? Can you share the dr or clinic?

So grateful joining this community. Thanks in advance.

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