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Hello everyone. My name is Steffi. I am 24 years old and i am Haitian American. I did not find out until much later in life (when i was 17) what the birthmark on my face was. I lived in Haiti for a long time and came to the US often for the summer. My parents took me to so many doctor and none of them knew what it was. I saw eye doctors, pediatrician, dermathologists, and even neurologists. My birthmark is on the right side of my face. Covers most of my face all the way down to the cheek almost at the chin, my right ear and inside my right eye as well. One day i went to an ophthalmologist and he diagnosed it by my next visit. To this day i am thankful to him for finally giving me a name to what it was.
When i was little i endured alot of teasing. Adults said i was cursed by the devil (Haitians are very superstitious), kids called me every name in the book from 2 face to alien. My parents endured looks from their peers who said that the reason i was cursed was because of my mom and it always made her feel terrible. My parents did their best and never treated me any different than my brothers and my brothers protected me fiercely. I started doing laser surgery at the age of 18. After 2 sessions i decided to stop. My parents could not afford it and wanted to take out loans to pay for it. I came to the realization after 2 sessions that i was fine with it. I had lived with it for 18 years and i can honestly say i would miss it if it were gone. I don't use any make up to cover it up. I like to use it as a jerk filter I have made great friends who accept me for who i am. I have yet to fall in love but that's my own doing. I have been very career and school focused for so long.
I have never met anyone with a birthmark on the face like me. I am glad to know that i'm not alone. Pleased to meet all of you. Feel free to email me if you want to chat
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