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Default Re:Preparing daughter for laser treatments

My daughter is 14 years old. When she was born there weren't as many options as there is now,,unfortuenatley, we were told "wait and see" and that's what we did.

We had to tell her over and over again, that her nose had a "temporary birthmark", and it would go away. She went all through school with this attitude, and she tried to explain it to others. Sometimes it worked,,other times,, :-\...

anyway, about telling your daughter about the pain of laser...My daughter started laser at 11 years old...We did the numbing cream, and her's too, is very near her eye...We literally, had to hold her down so she wouldn't move. Two times we did it this way,,, the third treatment was done by a different doctor, and he put her under general anesthesia.

We explained to her,,,it would feel uncomfortable for awhile, but sometimes we have to endure this for good results. We told her the dcotors wanted to help her so much, and if she felt pain it's because it needed to go under her skin to remove the "redness". And,,sometimes the pain means it is working... (I tend to exagerate)

My daughter was not happy being awake, and she was very reluctant the second time around. We bought her stronger numbing cream, and still she needed to be held down.

I understand your daughter is so much younger, so it's harder for her to understand... All I can say, is,,the more sedation the better when they are that young!!!

and the good thing is,,,,,, once the laser is over,,they donot feel anymore pain,,and that was the only saving grace for my daughter

Elissa Rifkin
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