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I am new to the site after doing some internet searches regarding this topic. My baby is going in next week to get her first doses of Propranlol. She is going to actually be exactly three months next week the day she gets admitted :-((( It is mainly on her side of the nose and not very big actually, but it is pushing on her nose cartilage a little bit so that is why they feel she needs to be treated, because it is closing in on her one nostril on that side.

I am full of mixed emotions and am crying on and off, I know this medication is new and am learning as much as I can about it. Length of treatment I was told can be up to 18 months which is disheartening but I was told after stopping it for 12 months they have seen it come back again, so 18 months is more effective. They said they are going to start her with 3 times a day and wean her off- when do they start decreasing the dosage and weaning her off?

I am praying she won't have to be on it for THAT long :-((( Good to know that it is working well so far-after the course of treatment does the coloration go away too? Those that finished this treatment-do you see any long term side effects? That is what I would be concerned with.
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