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Hey everyone,

My name is Antonio and I am living with a birthmark on my face. I have brown skin and my birth mark is light brown. It could actually be described as a series of abstract-shaped patches within close-proximity of each other. However you describe it, it's still a birthmark that makes me feel branded.

People made fun of me growing up, which resulted in me being self-conscious. I was often called Scar Face or Patches and it made me extremely angry. Some people stare and I can tell what they're looking at. I was in the military for six years and while no one made fun of me outright, I knew that some people thought my condition was amusing. My birthmark is one reason why I developed social anxiety.

I have gotten better, but there are phases that I go through where I'm depressed, and angry. I really want to have surgery, but being a broke college student means that I have to wait until my finances or more stable. Today I decided to search for forums for people with birthmarks and I stumbled upon this website. I'm glad that I found this and I hope to connect with a lot of people here.

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