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Nastasia, it does look like a VM to me. A dermatologist is not an appropriate person for this -- do not let them attempt laser, as it will make aggravate the VM. Even if it were a hemangioma, it is somewhat ignorant to assume that it would disappear on its own. Unfortunately, very few doctors have the expertise necessary to treat AVMs or VMs successfully, and you have to be very careful who you entrust your child to, because a lot of doctors have read an article or two and are quite willing to experiment on your child while providing sub-optimal solutions. So, saying it will have to be done in Seattle is the wrong approach. You might be able to cure the VM with a single surgery, if the right surgeon is chosen, or you might pick a convenient doctor in Seattle and wind up receiving dozens of unsuccessful treatments over a course of years. If your child is still an infant, it may be recommended that you wait a couple of years until he can tolerate procedures better. That is okay -- treatments will be advancing over the next couple of years, and that may be to your son's benefit. Anyone who wants you to wait and see indefinitely, though, and especially to wait through puberty, is someone who doesn't understand these malformations.

I strongly encourage you to join, where there are over 150 members with facial, head, and neck AVMs or VMs. I recently posted a resource list there of recommended doctors for facial AVMs/VMs. If you join, I will help you navigate the site. Best wishes to you and your son!
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