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Default attempting pic upload

That is the link to my facebook, hopefully it works bc I set the pics as private (only visible to me). Part of me wants to share with people about hemangiomas, but the other part doesnt, because I dont want negative reactions (even if it is behind my back). Also, Im not sure what my husband would think about me posting pictures about CJ's hemangioma to all of our friends.
I tried to upload the pics on this website but it said the MB bytes are too big
I will keep trying to get you pics, it is pretty big and does hang out of most of his clothing. To be fair, most times people dont say anything, they just stare, especially this summer when it was hot and he had his shirt off for swimming etc. There was one incident, however, that a guy said "WOW! What the heck is that!!??". I was a bit shocked at his audacity but just explained what it was and was glad CJ was too little to be offended as I was.
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