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Hi Lisa.

i haven't been diagnosed with either of those. i just have "multiple venous malformations involving mainly left leg, and few scattered satellite lesions."

i'm from missouri, and have seen maybe 2 doctors. my family physician thinks "my foot should be in a museum." reassuring. i had a doctor from dermotology look at it (she gave me the diagnosis) at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. she wanted me to get an MRI and go from there... but i'm in college and don't have any extra spending $ for some fun w/ imaging.

so.. i'm pretty much stagnant right now with any progress. that's the story of my life though, it has never been looked at as any big concern. (though it's spreading..)

if interested, you can read more about me under my post in the Teen and Youth section. i think this is the link--;threadid=369

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