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i have a VM on my left foot... w/ scattered ones up my leg and on different places. during high school cheerleading, there was a particular time when we were practicing a whole lot and i began to have pain on the back of my knee. it felt like VM pain, i don't know why.. but i checked every day to see if i had a VM coming in on the back of it. one of the veins back there was a little puffy and painful, but went away after a while.

anyway, i don't know if the pain was even related to my VM problem, and it's not a problem anymore... but i thought i'd write anyway because if it WAS related, i understand your pain. i couldn't even straighten my leg while walking... let alone do toe touches and good jumps at practice. the pain went away w/ time for me. i know this post probably isn't helpful in the slightest, but good luck w/ your pain.. you're in my prayers.
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