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Hi Anne,

My son has the same hemangioma and he is now 30 weeks old. His earlobe is now out of place and the hemangioma is at a stage where it is growing very rapidly. If you haven't already taken him to a specialist, I would suggest you doing so as soon as possible. My pediatrician and dermatologist kept saying just wait and let its run it course and I just didn't feel comfortable with that answer. By the time I found the appropriate specialist, surgery was basically the only option. I just wish I had gone with my gut sooner instead of listening to my pediatrician. My son is scheduled to have surgery in November because the Hemangioma is so large even if it involutes on its own he'd have loose skin and his ear lobe is not in the correct place anymore. I'm not sure what area you live in but you can find a doctor on this site. Let me know if you how your son's birthmark is doing.

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