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Default Diaper Area Hemagioma

I am writing because I have no idea where to start with helping my 10 week old daughter who has several hemagiomas in her diaper area. They began around the time she was a week old. The ped thought it was a diaper rash and for the next 7 weeks we tried everything. It was not until we exhausted all treatments that she was referred to a dermatologist. The dermatologist look at her for 30 seconds said it was a hemagioma and send me on my way stating it would go away by the age 5.

Since then I have been doing my own research and have found out that this could be more of an issue with keeping the area protected from ulceration. I have called my ped back with questions and have no response and I also made appointments for her to see another dermatologist. I also want to note that my daughter was also born with a perineum skin tab the size of an pencil eraser. She was seen by pediatric surgery and they stated that they will remove it when she is older. I see them again in November.

I also want to add that when the hemagiomas started growing more pronounced she did have bleeding and one spot that looks like it is taking longer to heal - none of her doctors felt she need to treat.

Here are my questions for you

1.what doctors should I being seeing specifically

2. should she be check for internal hemagiomas - she is exculsively breastfed and has only water like stools, hiccups 3 to 4 times a day, sometimes sounds snotty, and coughs a couple times a day?

3 what form of treatment if any do you think I should look into - I am interested in the pulse dye laser treatment as it seems the most relavent to that area.

4. Do any of you know any doctors in the Albany, New York area that have expirence with this?

Thank you a milion times over for looking at this and helping me along. I feel a little overwhelmed by this and have no insight on how to keep her from getting an infection or pain.
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