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It's amazing how quickly they bounce back! I was told by the surgeon (Dr Levitin in L.A.) that she'd likely need pain meds the first 12-24 hours and, after that, she'd be back to her old self. And that's exactly what happened. I was pleasantly surprised. When she did need the pain meds, they seemed to work and she seemed fine -- just a little groggy.

The most stressful thing for us post surgery was not the pain -- it was the drainage tube. She required a drainage tube for 48 hours after surgery. My daughter's H was on her forehead, so the drainage tube led from there to a bag that collected the fluid. Since she was "back to her old self" the day after, it was a challenge to keep an active 18 month old from doing something that might yank the tube out. Hair clips and a zip-up hoodie ended up being invaluable solutions for us. I used the hair clips to clip the tube to her hair and guide it the back of her head (just make sure the clips aren't so tight that they impede the flow of the fluid). I put the bag inside the hood of her hoodie. (The zip-up hoodie was also great since we didn't have to pull it down over her head to dress her.)

Best of luck to you.

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