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Default there is hope

I was searching the interweb for laser surgery recovery times and came upon this site. I've read all 5 pages so far and I can relate as I have the same condition on right eye called Nevus of Ota. Mine also looks like a black eye and worse, part of the white area of my right eye is blue. I would say this condition has greatly worsened my life, made me anti-social and depressed and I used to feel hopeless, lonely and suicidal. But, now that I am older with experience, there are real solutions to cope and even to get significant improvements.

Here are some solutions I have tried and researched over the years. I am 38 male, Chinese btw.

Laser treatment:
- I've had 6-8 treatments spread out over 3 doctors and over 10 years and it does work for the brown discoloration but have not noticed any improvement on the blue area above my eyelid. When I first had treatment (Ruby, Q-switch, NDYag), there was quite a bit of swelling and bleeding but all subsequent treatments had less bleeding and quicker recovery (2wks). I just had treatment this past Friday (after many years since last treatment) and am working from home recovering now It usually takes at least 1wk before the skin returns to pre-op conditions.
- some treatments used local anesthesia but it is really not painful until you get closer to the eye where it is more sensitive, some doctors cover the eyes with goggles or make you wear a special contact lens
- costs $400-500 per treatment (some doctors treat part of the area while others try to do whole area for each session. (try to push for whole area since recovery time is valuable and you don't want blothy patches)
- I would say my lightening is about 60-70% improvement. It could be better if I stayed out of the sun more and used sunscreen more consistently. Could also be better if I had treatment regularly instead of spread out over many years
- look for an accredited doctor with the right laser for your condition, if you don't notice improvement, you may need a different laser with proper settings

Cover cream:
- I use Dermablend and it is great for ethnic skin tones, lasts all day and doesn't really look like makeup, important for a guy
- there are many shades so for your skin tone, may require two tones and mixing
- winter time my require lighter tone and summer a bit more tan tone
- costs about $40-45 for a small container but lasts for 3/4 of the year for me
- only embarassing part is buying it but these days, everything can be ordered online

Blue discoloration of sclera (white of eye):
- I've had a custom contact lens made that I've worn for special occasions that only covers the white of the eye. works well but you really need two (one for each eye) so they match
- costed me $500 for single lens but mine was also prescription
- it is a very large lens and hard to put on so I only wear it on special occasions 1 to 2 times a year such as weddings and later found it too much work for daily use
- there is recently new surgery where doctors remove sclera from dead donors and transplant to cover the blue. South Korean doctors have successfully done this and I've read it costs from $5000-8000 dollars. I can find link somewhere and research paper
- I cope daily by wearing prescription glasses, some with tinting to hide the eyes and with a thicker frame...I can get away with it since many Asians wear glasses

- all my pictures have me in sunglasses
- sunscreen and shading
- growing up, I used to walk on right side of aisles to hide from people from my bad side
- I try not to look left when someone is staring at my face to hide the blue discoloration of my sclera
- for parents with kids with this condition, treat them early because it is a huge psychological and social burden that can literally scar ones life. I wish my parents cared more for my condition and I think I would have had a much better life growing up.

Finally, don't feel alone and depressed. There is hope as you can see and talking to people and listening to other people's stories on forums like these can be very therapeutic!

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