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I am 32 years old woman. I have a birthmark on my right cheek: from the eye brow down to the lip, plus some assymetry.
I experience feeling down from time to time and I know very well how it can feel being different and without make up.
I always cover my birthmark with foundation, even if I am alone at home (so I can open the door,or a friend may pop in for some tea..)...however, I started recently feeling ok being "skin naked" if I am home with a friend.
Once, I stayed over at my frind's house and had to go home by metro without make up...and surprisingly, it was staring or wispering....

So may be its's not how we look like but our participation of negative reaction from people that makes it difficult to relax and be yourself?!

Personally, being a woman and have an option of using make up, why not?! If it makes me feel good about myself and gives self esteem. But even if I don't have make up on - it doesn't stop me from enjoying mylife: I have great friends, family and my personal life is just fine. As any other 32 y.o.woman.

Keep your spirit up,
Wiht or without make up - it's your life and your deserve the best,
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