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Default 16 year old with hemangioma

About 4 years ago we found out my 16 year old has a hemangioma in her left calf muscle, it was a struggle going from doctor to doctor trying to get someone to help her. There are days where she wakes up and can not put any pressure on her leg at all. We finally got to the Mayo clinic in MN since we live in Iowa and they did the procedure last December. The relief lasted for about 2 months and now we are dealing with pain again. She wears a compression sock 30-40mg every day and still not enough relief. The first time we did the procedure they used the foam to block off the veins but when we went back they now want to do the alcohol and I am very afraid that it will cause other problems like drop foot or worse. When we did the first procedure the pain was mainly in her calf muscle but now it reaches from her knee all the way down to her ankle. We have also tried pain management and are using Lidocine patches in order for her to be able to stand the pain enough for her to get to school.

I haven't been able to find any other options to help her out. I guess I am hoping to reach out to anyone else that is going through these to see what else we can do or find any suggestions on where to go for help. Mayo clinic has been a great help and we felt really good with the doctor but just need to see if there are different options.

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