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Default Upper lip hemangioma

I'm new here and after searching endlessly about hemangiomas, I just wanted to share what's been going with my baby girl. I first brought her to her pediatrician at 5 weeks old when a friend commented that my daughter had a strawberry on her lip. It had appeared at 2 weeks old as a slight pink line on her lip line which I thought was a scratch. Well, her ped. confirmed it was a hemangioma and would grow and grow and would eventually go away. I sought the advice of a specialist as I was not prepared to wait and see. The specialist said it was a superficial hemangioma and recommended laser treatment. At 6 weeks old, my daughter got her first laser treatment. At 8 weeks, she received her second. At this time, the dermotoligist said that it appeared to have a deeper component. I went back and saw the specialist and he confirmed it was indeed a compound hemangioma. He recommends a few more laser treatments and at 6 months he will do surgery to remove the hemangioma as the skin on the lip will likely not return to normal without surgery.

Has anyone had a 6 month old get surgery on their hemangioma?
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