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Default Dr recommends surgery, please share experiences

Our daughter has a compound hemangioma slightly larger than a dime on her cheek by her ear. We have been treating it with propranolol and laser treatments for the last six months but we only saw moderate improvement. She is now a year old and Dr. Levitin thinks we should have seen more improvement by now and that continued treatment with laser and propranolol probably isn't going to do much. At this point he is recommending surgery. It would be a complete excision, removing the entire thing and resulting in a scar on her cheek. We are a little frightened by the prospect of surgery and the resulting scar and we aren't sure what to do, especially given her hemangioma is "cosmetic" and not interfering with any of her vital functions. I would really like to hear from anyone else who has gone ahead with surgery, particularly how their LO did with the procedure and how things look now.
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