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I have nevus de ota since i was born.. I never discovered the name until recently when i went for a laser treatment for uneven skin tone and dark eye circle.the skin doctor told me that i should go see a doctor to check on my eye condition fearing the possibility of glaucoma.
I search for the name from the WEB and stumbled upon this forum...

Sometimes i do hve problem with self esteem..but i believe that we should gain support from family and friends to boost positive self esteem and accept our weaknesses and flaws.
I am a teacher at a secondary school and i felt blessed everyday because my students love me despite my look.Sometimes i even forgot that i have a birthmark when surrounded by them.however sometimes i also felt insecure and uncomfortable when talking directly to people,i would try to hide away the right side of my face because of the birthmark. I also cannot face other people who have the same bithmark as mine because i felt ashamed,as if i am looking at myself.i would try to avoid them...this is something that i still cannot overcome no matter how hard i try. I felt as if i still cannot accept myself when i'm looking at them.

God has His own plan for us.though i try to avoid the ppl with same birthmark but then i was given a student who look just like me.seeing how tough she is gave me the strength to be even more positive and try to ignore when ppl stare at me.i must be strong to show good example to her and make her see that the birthmark might affect our physical appearance but it didn't change who we are and what we are capable of.

I always study hard to excel in my academic and prove that i am a smart person and no one should underestimate me even though i looked different. I have proved that to them and to myself.and i am proud of myself and my life.

It is true that when you are different,it is not what other ppl think that should matter most,but what u think of urself and what u want other ppl to see in u that u must consider and give most concern of. Be strong and positive and what ppl will see in you will be far beyond your differences..and your birthmark will be something unique that ppl will respect not underestimate...
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