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Phewwwww......finally a place to vent and u dertand just what is happening to my face. Only recently-about a year ago, I was able to put a name to my eye patch, and know what it really was. Up u til then, my parents believed it was scarring due to a hard fall in childhood(say around 5years old) as it was never noticed before. However the scar got darker and wider over the years, through my high school and university days. 2years ago, a consultant dermatologist said it was some sort of skin cancer- melanoma- and I totallllllllly freaked out.
Sorry for the late introduction, I got carried away. I'm of full African decent, 28years old. West African to be precise, but a little fair skinned. I am currently in Dubai,where i have lived or over a year now. A practicing engineer, so Im always on the move. However, I finally got a doctor who I'm willing to try out- scheduled for my first laser treatment this thursday21st by 9am- please tell me It's not gonna get worse,cos im kinda scared.
The nevus of ota I got, is around my left eye, but I got dark circles on both eyes and it's spreading to my scalp on left side- though I have not noticed anything in my left eye yet(didn't know it affected the eye till I got here). I have used tones of make up to cover up.
I intend to post before and after pictures, if I go ahead with laser. Wish you all the best.
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