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Hi, My name is Adam Daniels. I am 17 years old and have been having laser since I was two. My birthmark covers the whole left side of my face and my eye. When I was two, my mom and the doctor had a terrible time with the laser as I was awake. At one point they tried to put some local anesthetic in my face and I thrashed and caused some problems. For the next ten years after that, I was put to sleep. It was a lot of work to go through, expescially since I didn't take well to anesthetic, and got sick. About four years ago, I began having my laser awake again as a result of a nursing shortage. Being awake is so much better now that i am older, but I would have never been able to go through with it back then. My laser was a once or twice a year thing and i got to fly across the country so it wasn't such a big deal for me, except leaving my mom to go into the OR. The biggest thing that I think you should do is explain to her exactly what is happening, its hard to try and explain something like that to a four year ld, but it is important that you try and let her know exactly what is going on. Its impossible to be perfectly comfortable (for both of you) but just remember that it will be so much better when she is older.

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