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I've had nevus of ota since I was about 15. So... I've lived with it for 33 years. Used Dermablend for years, but switched to Coverblend because I find it's not as thick and heavy. Dermablend recently changed their line, I think the Multi-Function Concealer is the closest to what I was using of theirs beforehand. I also use Merle Norman's Ultra Powder Foundation to seal. That pretty much keeps things good all day .
I've had like 6 laser treatments. It has definitely improved and lightened my nevus. The doctor thinks about 3 more treatments should definitely make a difference. I've had the Ruby, Nd Yag & Q Switch Laser used on me. The doctor's latest laser he would use and I have yet to try-- is the Versapulse Laser. It hurts like crazy. These lasers are used to remove tattoos which I heard is much more painful than getting one. Of course, the nevus of ota being around the eye area makes it that much more sensitive. The best way to describe it is like a rubber band hitting your face at close range. But in the end, I have to say it's worth it.
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