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Default I am DR Yakes patient

This is by far the first review i have written in my life. I had vascular malformation on my left temple. ALL MY ADULT LIFE. pregnancy made it worse and my left eye was almost shut by the end of my third trimester. It highly interfered with my active and social life. honestly it was my personal tragedy. I found out about dr Yakes and decided to proceed with his treatment. I had 3 very agressive treatments. It sucks to have it on your face because it is very swollen afterwords. The results shocked me. dr yakes was my last try. I was so tired of doctors telling me " oh it is the first time i see smth like that. Sorry. Cant help" Well my appearance improved drastically. Of course my left side it is not identical to my right side but so as non of the faces on this earth)) Bottom line i am very very happy with the results and what DR Yakes was able to accomplish. It literally changed my life ( who knew i could run 5 miles!) before any physical activity would just make me dizzy and not comfortable at all. I would feel pulsation in my head all the time. I am coming back for another treatment in a few weeks and wouldnt trust anybody else with my precious head. I also love his office stuff. His PAs are awesome and always helped me with any (ver often very stupid) questions. And I have never met this guy who MADE my insurance to pay for these treatments but he was just amazing))). I highly recommend dr Yakes. Good luck with everything!
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