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Default Lymphangioma??

where to start..

I am 25 years old. At the age of 2 my parents found that I had a lump on the upper right abdomen area under my arm, on my ribs. At the age of 17 I underwent a surgery where they cut me open and found that it was full of clear liquid and dx with lymphangioma. To back track a little, It was a lump with clusters of pink blister like things on the outside of the skin. After the surgery the lump was gone however the pink clusters of blisters were still there (which I don't mind as much as the lump). A few weeks ago the lump came back full force and I have been seen by 3 different doctors and each time I get the same response...they step back with the most shocked look on their face and tell me they have no idea what it is. I have done extensive research on the lymphangioma and I believe my first dx was correct. I'm now worried because I don't know how big these get, it has started to bruise and hurt with movement. I feel as if I have hit a brick wall and can't seem to get any doctors to take my case serious. Does anyone have anything similar or know anything about this????
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