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There seems to be a train of thought that pregnancy can stimulate development of AVM's, but I am struggling to find much research on this. I have a lump on my foot that has been developing over the last 5ish years, that has been recently diagnosed as an AVM/hemangioma. I was wondering what kick started its growth, I am 32 so well past puberty and have never been pregnant. It dawned on me that I started taking my current pill (Yasmin) around the same time. I have been other pills for many years, but Yasmin is a very high dose of drospirenone (synthetic oestrogen I think) which I take to help acne. When I look into side-effects of Yasmin, there are concerns about hepatic AVMs but no mention of development elsewhere.
Rondosa, it s interesting you mention polycystic ovaries - as this would suggest abnormal hormone levels. Do you notice that fluctuation in size has any correlation with your menstrual cycle?
As a baby, I had a very large hemangioma on my right calf. This lump is on my left foot. I wonder if there is a link? Am I likely to discover others as I get older? Again, I can find little research on multiple incidences.

Interesting stuff - I would like to know if I should stop taking my pill, my lump is gradually getting bigger... I doubt my GP would have the faintest idea, he initially told me it was hard skin.
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