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If it seems to be slowing down maybe that's a good sign? We always had a good experience there although there was sometimes a long wait, so you might want to be prepared for that. My daughter wrote a picture book about her hemangioma when she was 5 and she gave them a copy. They may have it in the waiting room??? I'm not sure? It's called "Faith's Birthmark." She thinks she's a famous author. (She's 7 now.) We live in NH. Where are you from? Good luck with your appt. Out of my 4 daughters, 2 had significant hemangiomas. One had a little one. Faith had one on her lip and it required treatment-steroids, surgery and laser. My other daughter had a big one on her hand/wrist and she had no treatment at all and it went away on it's own. It's so weird. Good luck with everything! Is it tomorrow? Keep us posted.

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