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when I was 19yrs old I married a wonderful man, RJ. The day after my wedding My husband when to have a special surgary done. I had no clue what it was or why he was even having it. He just told me that he had AVMs. I was still clueless some while He hadhis shoulder and arm fixed.... I went and researched. at this time, which was 1999 I only found a little bit about this. All I could really think of was that he had signed a paper giving him the pros and cons of this procceger. And how there was a 50/50 chance of life.... or hand and arm use....still confused and scared. I had just gotten married and now what would I do? when he came out he could not lift his hand. He had damage on the nerves in his right hand and had to ware a brace to keep his hand up . after that he when thru this prosses every 6 to 9 mths. depending on the pain. then in 2009 he had a new procegger done. Glue..... now he only goes once a year. Its good but I PRAY that one day he will not have to go thru this anymore. So times it gets so hard because I still have to help him do some things that he can not do. does anyone know a good Dr or a new way of getting rid of these AVMs. He now has them in his right shoulder to his hand, behind his right knee, and right side. and the back of his calf. and I did not know that this could spread or grow more....... now he has a bomp on the back of his head to the right.....has not checked it yet but I am prying that its not an AVM.... PLEASE GOD.
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