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Thank you. Reading your post, I felt as though you know my own feelings.*

My son is nearly 3 and I also keep coming full circle in my thoughts and emotions. Do I wish this had not happened? Or maybe it will give him an inner strength that he might not have otherwise had. It has taught our family to respectfully notice differences in others without judgement. My 5 year old has a greater understanding now that people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors that he never would have without his baby brother and the birthmark that is a part of our lives.*

One of my proudest moments was when another child asked why my son's face was pink. Before I was able to respond on his behalf, he answered "My face is pink. I have a birthmark." And with a smile on his sweet pink face, he ran off to play. He is fine with his appearance and I am too. I know he will likely not always be able to exude such confidence, but if he can at 2 I think it is likely to continue.*

Thank you again for sharing.*
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